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Apparatus Map

Strain Gauges
Types of Strain Gauges
Theory of Operation
Single Arm Active Bridges
Double Arm Active Bridges
Calibration Principles
Strain Gauges in the Lab
Strain Gauge Set-Up Video
Strain Gauge Calibration Video

Theory of Operation
LVDT Animation
LVDT Non-Linearity Effects
Carrier Demodulator
LVDT's in the Lab
LVDT Set-Up Video
LVDT Calibration Video

Types of Accelerometers
Theory of Operation
Frequency Response
Amplitude Response
Calibration Principles
Accelerometers in the Lab
Accelerometer Set-up Video
Accelerometer Calibration Video

Voice Coil/Velocimeter
Voice Coil Theory of Operation
Velocimeter Theory of Operation
Velocimeter Calibration Principles
Coil/Velocimeter in the Lab
Coil/Velocimeter Set-Up Video
Velocimeter Calibration Video

Theory Map

Modelling the System
Governing Equation

Free Vibration
Free Vibration Equation Solution

Forced Vibration
Forced Vibration Equation Solution
Magnitude Ratio
Phase Shift

Model Paramters
Effective End Mass, Meff
Spring Constant, K

Vibrational Paramaters
Free Vibrational Parameters
Ringing Frequency
Time Constant
Natural Frequency and Damping Ratio
Forced Vibration System Paramters
Amplitude Response

Stress-Strain Relationship
Strain and Displacement

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