STEAM Lab School

A New STEAM High School for Belize

The Belize Ministry of Education Youth, Sports & Culture through the Interamerican Development Bank approached the MIT Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab pK-12 Collaborative and MIT Open Learning Projects to develop a conceptual design for a new STEAM Lab School in Belize. The Lab School is envisioned as a combined high school and technical / vocational school serving up to 300 students in four Forms (grades) be located in Belize City, Belize with enrollment beginning in 2022.

MIT J-WEL and Projects worked with experts from across MIT including The Education Arcade, MIT Sloan School of Management and others in the MIT pK-12 community to design a new high school for Belize.

For the STEAM Lab School, I served as project manager and managed the overall administration of the project and coordinated MIT’s contributions to the project. I participated in site visits, co-designed the co-design workshop, served as MIT’s expert into the architectural design of the school to meet the pedagogy MIT advocated for the school, and was a co-author of the conceptual design and implementation plan.

  • Participants of the STEAM Lab School Co-Design Workshop, November 2019

Source: Brandon Muramatsu


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Open Learning Projects / MIT Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab

Key Collaborators: David Birnbach (MIT, Sloan School of Management), Lana Cook (MIT, Open Learning), Eric Klopfer (MIT, Comparative Media Studies), Vijay Kumar (MIT, J-WEL), Judith Perry* (MIT, The Education Arcade), Claudia Urrea* (MIT, J-WEL)

Funding Sources: Belize Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture (Belize)