Learner Credential Wallet

Open Source Mobile Wallet

Lredentiual Wallet is a open source, cross-platform iOS and Android mobile application for storing and sharing digital learner credentials as specified in the learner credential wallet specification developed by the Digital Credentials Consortium. The learner credential wallet specification is based on the draft W3C Universal Wallet interoperability specification and the draft W3C Verifiable Credentials data model.

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For Learner Credential Wallet, I served as product manager and lead the overall development of the app including major feature selection and implementation. This is part of my work with the Digital Credentials Consortium.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Open Learning, Digital Credentials Consortium

Key Collaborators: Philipp Schmidt (MIT, Open Learning / Media Lab), Gillian Walsh (MIT, Open Learning), Dmitri Zagidulin* (MIT, Consultant), Justin Ball (Atomic Jolt, Consultant), Seth Duffin* (Atomic Jolt, Consultant), Brandon Findlay (Atomic Jolt, Consultant), Kyle Hovey* (Atomic Jolt, Consultant),

Pilots: Adam Bush (College Unbound, Pilot), *Stuart Freeman (Georgia Tech, Pilot), *Matt Lisle (Georgia Tech, Pilot), *Lena Tran (San Jose City College, Pilot), *Michael Walker (College Unbound, Pilot)

Funding Source: U.S. Department of Education, MIT, Walmart