NSDL Reflections

A Community Reflects on Building the NSDL

The NSDL Reflections project can be described by the grant’s title, “Where Have We Come From and Where Are We Going? Learning the Lessons and Disseminating Exemplary Practices From the Projects of the NSDL”. The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Program had been in existence formally since 2000, and informally since 1998. By 2002 it was becoming evident that it was beginning to lose some of stories and lessons of the development of the NSDL, especially as funding for projects ended. And as the NSDL took different directions, the early developers and participants were moving on to other projects. This project captured some of their stories.

As early as 2002 I was part of discussions with NSF program officers to fund this work. By 2007, in collaboration with Flora McMartin, we succeeded in securing funding from the NSF to work on this project to publish the stories of the NSDL to the NSDL Reflections website (Archive).


Broad-Based Knowledge

Key Collaborators: Susan Jesuroga (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research), David McArthur (University of North Carolina, Wilmington), Flora McMartin* (Broad-based Knowledge)

Funding Source: National Science Foundation