NSDL CCLI Dissemination

Fostering Better Dissemination of CCLI-developed Educational Innovations

The CCLI Dissemination project was developed to “foster better dissemination of CCLI-developed educational innovations.”

This project grew out of our experience in developing a digital library of educational innovation in engineering (NEEDS) and later across many disciplines in STEM (smete.org, NSDL, BEN, ComPadre, MathDL, and so on). As one of the potential dissemination mechanisms for the NSF Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Innovation program, we examined how might we encourage, incentivize or otherwise improve the dissemination pathway through these NSF-funded educational digital libraries. CCLI was a decades long funding program of the National Science Foundation that foster and support innovative teaching practices. Limiting ourselves to the last decade (2000s) or so, NSF funded over 3,000 projects in this program. However, we believe only a very small fraction of these have ever made it into an educational digital library.

Along with key collaborators, I co-chaired a national workshop to identify “how to foster better dissemination of CCLI-developed educational innovations.” I also designed and developed the project website (Archive).


Virginia Tech

Key Collaborators: Flora McMartin* (Broad-based Knowledge), Joe Tront* (Virginia Tech)

Funding Source: National Science Foundation