Premier Award for Excellence in Engineering Education

A National Award Competition for Engineering Education Courseware

The Premier Award was developed to “recognize outstanding courseware designed to enhance engineering education.” The Premier Award was developed by NEEDS and the Synthesis Coalition at the University of California, Berkeley, with initial support from founding sponsor John Wiley & Sons. Under the early leadership of Pamela Eibeck (at UC Berkeley and Northern Arizona University), the Premier Award was envisioned as part of a multi-step mechanism to recognize the work, and promote high-quality, in the digital educational materials being developed by engineering educators.

The Premier Award recognized its first courseware in 1997, and greatly refined its review criteria in 1998. In collaboration with Joseph Tront and Flora McMartin, we continued to run the Premier Award competition until 2012.

Through it’s end, the Premier Award recognized 27 courseware submissions as Premier Courseware, and an additional 8 submissions as Finalist Candidates.

At UC Berkeley I co-launched the Premier Award with the project team. And at UC Berkeley, and later as a consultant through Virginia Tech, I managed the review sessions, refined the evaluation criteria and produced and distributed the winning courseware.


University of California, Berkeley and Virginia Tech

Key Collaborators: Pamela Eibeck (UC Berkeley / Northern Arizona University), Robert Lettieri (UC Berkeley), Flora McMartin*(UC Berkeley / Broad-based Knoweldge), Andi Niess (UC Berkeley), Greg Paschall (UC Berkeley), Joseph Tront* (Virginia Tech)

Funding Source: Award Sponsors, National Science Foundation