CoLAB Program in Data Science

Capacity Building and Supporting Data Science in Latin America

CoLAB is a project supporting a collaborative of primarily Centro Ceibal and the Universidad Tecnológica del Uruguay (UTEC) in Uruguay to create a community of data scientists in the region and build the capacity to teach data science at UTEC and other Uruguayan universities.

MIT Open Learning Projects provided support for a generation (cohort) of learners concurrently enrolled in a UTEC Master’s degree program and the MITx MicroMasters in Statistic and Data Science program. The project involves workshops focused on data science, entrepreneurship and study strategies, as well as MIT-led recitation sections to support individual learning in the courses that make up the MicroMasters program.

For CoLAB, I served as project director and was responsible for conceiving of the project, negotiating the agreement, overall project administration and managing MIT’s contributions to the project. In addition, I co-designed and co-led the two workshops offered to the generation of learners and I co-designed and contributed to the weekly facilitated (recitation) sessions for each of the four MITx MicroMasters courses supported by the project.

Source: Brandon Muramatsu


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Open Learning Projects

Key Collaborators: Andés Salazar Gomez* (MIT, J-WEL), Julia Reynolds Cuellar (MIT, J-WEL), Glenda Stump* (MIT, Open Learning Projects)

Funding Sources: Centro Ceibal (Uruguay)