MITx Course Licensing

MITx courses can be licensed by universities and other organizations for delivery by local instructors. The licensed courses are administered by MIT but offered by the licensee and taught by licensee faculty using the Custom Course (CCX) technology available via edX. CCX enables licensees to determine what MITx course content to include and when individual course elements are available to their students.

As an add-on, the licensee can opt to include one or more training sessions in which MIT will help the licensee’s instructors prepare to use the MITx course(s).

On behalf of MIT, I have licensed the following MITx courses:

  • 6.00x Intro to Computer Science and Programming
  • 6.002x Circuits and Electronics
  • 6.004x Computation Structures
  • 8.01x Introduction to Classical Mechanics
  • 8.02x Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism
  • 18.01x Single Variable Calculus
  • 18.03x Differential Equations
  • 2.01x Elements of Structure
  • 7.00x Introduction to Biology: The Science of Life
  • 7.28x Molecular Biology


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Open Learning Projects

Key Collaborators: Kirky DeLong* (MIT, Open LearningProjects), Dana Doyle (MITx), Lisa Eichel*(MITx), Glenda Stump* (MIT, Open Learning Projects)

Funding Source: SRM University (India), American University in Cairo (Egypt), American University of Beruit (Lebanon)