Some Blog Stats for 2013

2013 WordPress Visitor Map

2013 was an off year for me and blogging only about 40 posts for the year. Unfortunately I was too busy at work to have time to write up blog posts :(

Top 25 Most Read Posts during 2013

Title Views
Creating a bootable Mac OS X USB drive, plus utilities 4,784
Home page / Archives 3,047
Tuesday Tip: Griffin iTrip Transmitters, Setting International Mode 2,993
Vizio 3D TV and Sony PS3 1,247
Tuesday Tip: iPhone 5 Wallpapers 1,169
Part 2: “Better” Web Video-Conferencing in a Medium Conference Room – Video Quality and Field of View 807
Clone/Duplicate WordPress Install 739
Tuesday Tip: Two Week View Returns in iCal in OSX 10.8 630
Part 1: “Better” Web Video-Conferencing in a Medium Conference Room – The Contenders 582
Tuesday Tip: Android VNC and Controlling Macs 541
Tuesday Tip: Time/Cost to Develop One Hour of Training 539
Running WordPress and Drupal side-by-side 483
WebEx is Stupid 473
Why I dislike (hate really) the iOS Podcast App 467
Stop Zooming Desktop Icons in Mac OS X 423
Good to Great…and OEIT 370
Cregle iPen First Look 357
Tuesday Tip: YouTube Parameters 317
Office Depot Delivery Drivers are Incompetent? 304 and the SMETE Open Federation 247
Select Complementary and Related Colors 235
Friday Flashback: VHS Tapes and TV Shows in the 90′s and 00′s 223
Friday 216
Trying Out 215
About 215

2013 Visitors

My blog received about 29,000 visits in 2013 from 163/196 countries according to WordPress’ stats.

2013 WordPress Visitor Map

2013 WordPress Visitor Map