Tuesday Tip: Griffin iTrip Transmitters, Setting International Mode


I have two different Griffin iTrip FM Transmitters.

The one I wrote about in, What station to use for iTrip in Boston?, is starting to fall apart, ironically the dock connector is breaking up. So, I’m switching to an older model.

The “International Mode” trick that worked on the iTrip Auto (plugs into the now-obsolete Dock Connector) can also be done on the iTrip Auto Universal Plus (plugs into the headphone jack, and comes with a 1-watt USB port). Of course you have to do set it differently.

So in a silly way, this is all for the better with Apple’s change to the Lightning connector on my new iPhone 5.

As an alternate, using Bluetooth -> FM is another interesting idea. Here’s one that looks interesting: Soundfly BT Ultimate Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter. Or I could upgrade my car to one with a USB-jack or AUX-jack, but that’s a bit more expensive.

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  1. Taylor C
    Taylor C says:

    Hey i am looking at buying a itrip universal do you know if they still have the international setting?

    • Brandon Muramatsu
      Brandon Muramatsu says:

      Taylor, the last version of the iTrip I bought did still have the setting. I’m not positive about the iTrip Universal.

      I bought a: Griffin Technology iTrip Auto FM Transmitter & Car Charger for iPod & iPhone and it had the setting.

      (As an aside, in Cambridge, MA, there’s someone broadcasting on the lower AM stations. I am guessing they probably aren’t licensed to do so, and the signal is sometimes so strong that the iTrip can’t power through it.)

  2. Kirsten
    Kirsten says:

    Hi, just bought the Griffin Itrip FM transmitter with the lighting connector the iphone 5 (it is also a charger). I tried holding down the + and – button but it only got to the stereo/mono setting and did not continue to Us/International. I held it down for 30 seconds. Any other tips? Thanks!!! I live in Boston and the static is driving me nuts!

    • Brandon Muramatsu
      Brandon Muramatsu says:

      Sorry, I don’t have a great recommendation for you. Maybe try going to the lowest frequency, and then hold down the minus button for a while? To see if it goes lower. And imagine that a Lightning connector, it took them long enough to do it. I’m still using my iTrip with the dock connector and an adapter cable from dock to lightning from Apple.

      And for what it’s worth I use 87.9 but at various times throughout the year in the Cambridge area I pickup another station on that frequency (even though there shouldn’t be anything there). I also find that grounding the phone by touching my leg in the car improves the reception.

  3. Brandon Muramatsu
    Brandon Muramatsu says:

    Update! Ken sent this to me directly!

    Someone asked if you can still put these into universal mode in the comments on your blog. Not sure if you care for the info, but on the model I just bought today… holding down plus/minus buttons goes to lx/dx selection mode. If you continue to hold them, it will sit forever and not respond. BUT if you let off the buttons while the lx (or dx if you’re in mono mode) is flashing, then press them simultaneously again and hold (just like to go into lx/dx mode) the lx/dx will flash faster and then it will flash us. It takes only a few (like two our three) second to go to lx/dx select, and about the same amount of time to go to international mode selection. Then plus and minus will allow you to change to eu or jp mode. Whichever one you press, it cycles us, eu, jp in that order.

  4. Brandon Muramatsu
    Brandon Muramatsu says:

    Just had to replace my iTrip again (loose cord). This time I got an iTrip made in 2010 labeled for iPod and iPhone, P/N 28810-P1592PR1-610-12-01. I made sure to get an older model to help ensure I could change it to International Mode to get to the additional radio stations. This model (as with all my others) uses a Dock Connector, so I need to use a Dock to Lightning Adapter so I can use it with my iPhone 7 Plus. In the case of this model, I use the Menu button to select the Reset functionality, when the US shows up on the screen I press the up arrow to change it to International mode. And voila I can use the iTrip on 87.9 FM.

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