NEEDS—A Digital Library for Engineering Education

National Engineering Education Delivery System

NEEDS was developed to support the development, use and reuse of digital educational resources for engineering education. It was originally envisoned as a network of courseware development studios, as well as a delivery system to distribute courseware. As it evolved, NEEDS became probably the prototypical educational digital library. NEEDS contained a catalog of digital learning resources, and services and tools to find and reuse those resources.

Project Handouts:

NEEDS transformed into the Engineering Pathway, a pathway for engineering education in the NSDL, in 2004.

At UC Berkeley, I served as project director and was responsible for overall project administration, co-designed the user interface / user experience of NEEDS, conceived of new services and was responsible for collection development.


University of California, Berkeley

Key Collaborators: Alice Agogino*, Carolyn Capps, Robert Lettieri*, Flora McMartin*, Greg Paschall*, George Toye* (Stanford University), William H. Wood, III* (UC Berkeley and Stanford University), Jialong Wu*

Funding Source: National Science Foundation