Berkeley Instructional Technology Studio

A Multimedia Courseware Studio and Teaching Lab

The Berkeley Instructional Technology Studio (BITS) started off as a courseware development studio for theNational Science Foundation-funded Synthesis Coalition to work with engineering faculty developing digital learning resources. It expanded to work with other disciplines, including art practice, architecture, education, music, etc., to help develop courseware and multimedia to improve teaching and learning. BITS also setup and managed a multimedia Apple Macintosh-based computer lab (MacLab Archive).

BITS was also responsible for hosting and maintaining the MMCS: Multimedia Case Studies of Engineering Design (MMCSWeb Archive) and Vibrating Beam Experiment Instructional Support Courseware (my Master’s project).

At UC Berkeley, I was responsible for co-management of BITS and the related MacLab for 10 years. We consulted with with faculty across UC Berkeley on their projects, and supported their use of the multimedia capabilities of the MacLab to teach their classes.


University of California, Berkeley
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Key Collaborators: Robert Lettieri* (UC Berkeley), Greg Paschall (UC Berkeley)

Funding Source: National Science Foundation