eduCommons and Utah State University OpenCourseWare

OpenCourseWare Management Software

eduCommons was open source software that enabled universities to publish OpenCourseWare sites. It was an application built on top of the Plone content management system framework. At its height, it was used by thirty universities and educational organizations worldwide to publish OCW sites (including Notre Dame OpenCourseWare and Utah State University OpenCourseWare).

At COSL, I served as project manager for eduCommons and was responsible for overall operations and grant management.


Utah State University
COSL :: Center for Open and Sustainable Learning

Key Collaborators: Justin Ball, Tom Caswell*, Trent Cameron, John Dehlin, Joel Duffin, Corinne Ellsworth, Shelley Henson, Marion Jensen*, Brent Lambert*, David Ray*, Andy Van Schaack, Jonathan Thomas, David Wiley*

Funding Source: William and Flora Hewlett Foundation