Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx)

Quality at Scale – Transforming Secondary Education in India

The Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) was a collaboration among MIT, the Tata Institute for Social Sciences (TISS) and with funding from the Tata Trusts that aimed to improve the professional and academic prospects of high school students in underserved communities in India. The initiative has reached approximately 478 schools and 60,000 students in 4 states in India, as well as conduct professional development for approximately 3,000 teachers.

MIT Strategic Education Initiatives / MIT Open Learning, Projects collaborated with Professor Eric Klopfer and his team in the Education Arcade. MIT helped design a number of curricular modules in English, science and mathematics for Grades 8 and 9, hosted capacity building design camps to train Indian educators and curriculum designers, and developed interactive and platform technologies.


For CLIx, I served as project director and was responsible for co-designing the project, negotiating the agreement, overall MIT project administration and MIT’s contributions to the project. In addition, I co-led the Technology team which managed the development of the CLIx platform for schools. I managed the development of the Unplatform and content player that allowed the project to deliver ePub3 (HTML5/CSS3) curriculum modules including an implementation of Open Embedded Assessments, which was usable by Indian students in the non-networked, low resource computer labs in Indian government schools.

Source: Brandon Muramatsu


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Strategic Education Initiatives / MIT Open Learning Projects

Key Collaborators: Justin Ball (Atomic Jolt), Kirky DeLong* (MIT, Open Learning Projects), Joel Duffin (Atomic Jolt), Eric Klopfer (MIT, Comparative Media Studies), Vijay Kumar* (MIT, J-WEL), Kathleen McMahon (MIT, SEI), Jeff Merriman* (MIT, SEI), Ashwin Nagappa* (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Scot Osterweil* (MIT, Comparative Media Studies), Judy Perry* (MIT, Education Arcade), Peilin Ren*, Louisa Rosenheck (MIT, Education Arcade), Padma Saraganpani (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Cole Shaw* (MIT, SEI), Glenda Stump* (MIT, Open Learning Projects), Bindu Thirumalai (Tata Institute of Social Sciences)

Funding Sources: MIT, Tata Trusts (India)