AIM Academy

Developing Education Pathways in Integrated Photonics for American Competitiveness

The American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics) is intended to create an end-to-end integrated photonics industry and ecosystem in the U.S. comprising technology, business and education. It is expected to be a $600M+ public-private partnership of industry, academia and federal and state government. AIM Academy will provide the unified knowledge, technology and workforce interface for AIM Photonics. It grew out of MIT leadership as a part of the White House Advanced Manufacturing Partnerships.

This work builds upon work started in 2013 when Strategic Education was asked by the MIT Provost to support digital learning in advanced manufacturing within Massachusetts.

For AIM Academy, I served as a member of the leadership team and was the primary advisor on digital and online learning. I designed and developed the project website and supported the project’s “digital presence”.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Strategic Education Initiatives

Key Collaborators: Dale Allen (Quinsigamond Community College), M. Ofelia Aguirre (University of California at Santa Barbara), Brian Anthony (MIT, Mechanical Engineering), Allison Huff (University of Arizona), Yashu Kauffman (MIT, Mechanical Engineering), Lionel Kimerling* (MIT, Materials Science and Engineering), Arica Lubin (University of California at Santa Barbara), Peilin Ren* (MIT, SEI), Diane Soderholm* (MIT, Mechanical Engineering)

Funding Source: Air Force Research Laboratory