Tuesday Tip: Anti-ToDo List

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I’ve been using the website/service IDoneThis.com to send myself a daily reminder to reflect on my accomplishments for the day since April 2011.

Then in a small world moment, the StartupDigest email list linked to this article from the idonethis.com blog, “Marc Andreessen’s Productivity Trick to Feeling Marvelously Efficient

Marc came up with a system: the Anti-Todo List. It’s his way to stop and recognize his own accomplishments, measured not by a project’s impressive success, but in increments, to fuel his motivation for getting stuff done day after day.

I don’t know whether tracking, even for just myself, my accomplishments (activities) for every day is really fueling my motivation, but it does help me understand what I do get done (or not).

(via StartupDigest, October 26, 2012)