muraPOI: Responsive Design and Images

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This is a followup to my post on Website Images (2012).

Last week I watched Adaptive Images in Responsive Web Design, a webinar by O’Reilly. It wasn’t particularly useful for the images side of things, but I did get some cool links as a result of it.

Christopher Schmitt presented three issues to consider (I think I covered them for myself in my previous post):

  1. Window width
  2. Screen resolution
  3. Bandwidth: not everyone will be high bandwidth
    (I’m not worrying too much about this on my sites)

And the links that were interesting:

  • Media Query & Asset Downloading Results: A review of “how images are downloaded when media queries are involved” by Tim Kadlec.

    (via O’Reilly Webinar)

  • Which responsive images solution should you use?: Chris Coyier and Christopher Schmitt write:

    “There are a bunch of techniques going around for dealing with responsive images lately. That is, solutions to help us serve the right image for the occasion (e.g. size of screen and bandwidth available). They all do things a bit differently. … To choose which technique is right for you and your project these questions may help as a guide. Many of the questions may apply to your project, so you’ll have to sort out which techniques fit what scenarios and find the overlap.

    (via O’Reilly Webinar)

  • Responsive Design Bookmarklet: Let’s you test drive your website on a different device like an iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, etc.

    (by way of David Ray)

And two more…