Honors and Awards

ASME International Dedicated Service Award
Joe VanOverveen, 1984
Walt Mikesell, 1989
Julia Gee, 1994
Charlie Howard, 1995
Bill Nott, 1995
Eric Worrell, 1996
Rich Myhre, 1999

ASME Region IX E. Nick Friesen Meritorious Service Award
Julia Gee, 1992
Joann Heberer, 1996 (from the dissolved San Mateo section; nominated by S.F. section)
Rich Myhre, 1998
Eric Worrell, 1999
Charles P. Howard, 2000
Joe Van Overveen, 2001
Willard (Bill) Nott, 2002

ASME Region IX Young Engineer of the Year Award
Don Moseman, 1996
Brandon Muramatsu, 1999

ASME Region IX Richard A. Fitz Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award
Ahmad Ganji, San Francisco State University, 1993
Tom Nordenholz, California State University Maritime Academy, 2003

ASME Region IX William L. Dean Outstanding Newsletter Award

Johnny Wu 1994-95

Eve Andersson 1997-98


Thumbnail of March 1995 Newsletter Thumbnail of March 1995 Newsletter

ASME Region IX Webmaster Award

Brandon Muramatsu 2001
(Inaugural Award)

Brandon Muramatsu 2002

Brandon Muramatsu 2004

Thumbnail of screenshot of 2000-2001 website Thumbnail of screenshot of 2001-2002 website Thumbnail of screenshot of 2003-2004 website

ASME Region IX Frank Von Flue Outstanding Section Award
San Francisco Section 1995-96

ASME Region IX Francis J. Donnolley History and Heritage Award
San Francisco Section (through the efforts of Eric Worrell, Michael Gudz, Rich Myhre and Brandon Muramatsu to compile an archive of San Francisco Section Newsletters), 2004

ASME Old Guard Young Engineer Award
Brandon Muramatsu 1999 Runner-Up

San Francisco ASME Industry Recognition Awards
Bevilaqua Knight, Inc.
Material Integrity Solutions, Inc.

San Francisco ASME Farbar Scholarship
See Farbar Awards Section