Online Teacher Education

Capacity Building in Contemporary Digital Learning in Pakistan

OEIT’s engagement began with a needs assessment and site visit to advise the Education Development Center (EDC) on the contemporary approaches that might be incorporated in their development and implementation of an online B.Ed (Hons) teacher education program in Pakistan funded by USAID. OEIT’s involvement continued to a second phase involving curriculum development, software tools development and workshops.

The MIT team developed and offered two online courses, developed guides in the use of digital learning, developed tools and other training materials, and offered a number of workshops for faculty in Pakistan.

For the Online Teacher Education (aka EDC-Pakistan) project, I:

  • Served as project director and was responsible for overall project administration and MIT’s contributions to the project
  • Co-led the strategic consulting and needs assessment
  • Produced:
  • Designed and managed the development of:
    • The Concept Map Authoring Tool
  • Hosted three workshops in Pakistan:
    • Concept-based Learning
    • Innovative Educational Technologies
    • Online Learning Best Practices
  • Served as project director where I also managed:
    • A workshop in Visualization
    • Software tools development to link concepts and content


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Office of Educational Innovation and Technology

Key Collaborators:  Lourdes Aleman* (MIT, OEIT), Alison Brauneis* (MIT, Biology), Kirky DeLong* (MIT, OEIT), Joel Duffin* (Tatemae Consulting), Sarah Huibregtse* (Consultant), Helen Kamal* (Education Development Center), Nadya Karim-Shaw* (Education Development Center), Eric Klopfer* (MIT, Urban Studies and Planning), Vijay Kumar* (MIT, OEIT), Haynes Miller* (MIT, Mathematics), Jeff Merriman* (MIT, OEIT), Ilana Schoenfeld* (MIT, Scheller Teacher Education Program)

Funding SourceEducation Development Center/USAID