MERLOT is a collaboration of universities focused on “improving teaching and learning through effective use of academic technologies.” When I worked with MERLOT, it focused on developing a referatory of online educational resources and a discipline-based community of peer reviewers. That is, MERLOT’s system and campus partners contributed release time for their faculty to participate in peer review of online educational resources.

I served as Director of Alliances for MERLOT where my role was to identify projects and organizations to with which to collaborate to extend the reach of MERLOT, and provide additional services to MERLOT users and partners. Through my work, I set the stage for the Global Learning Objects Brokered Exchange (GLOBE) collaboration. I was also responsible for updating MERLOT’s logo and branding, updating the Tasting Room (Archive) and creating the MERLOT Conference website (Archive).


California State University, Office of the Chancellor

Key Collaborators: Gerry Hanley* (MERLOT), Flora McMartin* (MERLOT)

Funding Sources: California State University, MERLOT Institutional and Campus Partners, National Science Foundation