Chemistry Bridge

Institutional Experiment in Digital Learning

Across the sciences, certain key concepts have traditionally proven challenging for students at all levels. These concepts are typically taught in introductory classes, but faculty must review them repeatedly in advanced classes across the curriculum. The Chemistry Bridge project is one of the institutional experiments the MIT Council on Education Technology sponsored in 2011-2012 to integrate digital and online learning into MIT residential courses. One of the hopes was to encourage MIT departments to integrate these tools into their residential courses.

The Chemistry Bridge team developed self-paced modules to assist mastery of these key concepts outside the classroom setting. The modules can be used independently by students, or as a faculty tool to supplement instruction. More information can be found on the MITCET website.

For the Chemistry Bridge project, I managed the project on behalf of MITCET where I worked with the project team to design and develop the website that allowed students to test their understanding of key Chemistry concepts and study the concepts with which they were less familiar.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Office of Educational Innovation and Technology

Key Collaborators: John Essigmann (MIT, Biological Engineering), David Ray* (Consultant), George Zaidan* (Consultant)

Funding Source: MIT