3.003 Global Principles of Engineering Practice

3.003 Global Principles of Engineering Practice (GPEP) is a project-based course for MIT freshmen and sophomores in Materials Science and Engineering that is taught in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and other universities. Students in 3.003 (and/or 3.004) work on projects related to energy, solar cells, transportation and communications. The course includes a trip to Japan for a joint symposium between students from MIT and UTokyo.

For GPEP, I designed and developed the course website, recommended and supported technologies for synchronous communications between UTokyo and MIT, produced course videos for lecture and project presentations and chaperoned one of the annual MIT student trips to Japan.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Office of Educational Innovation and Technology

Key Collaborators: Mindy Baughman (MIT, Materials Science and Engineering), Lionel Kimerling* (MIT, Materials Science and Engineering), Lisa Sinclair* (MIT, Materials Science and Engineering)

Funding Source: MIT