muraPOI: December 28, 2014

Sign with Exclamation Point
  • Truly meeting a user’s needs:

    “The goal is to give people a solution that matches their reality.”

    (Via Fast Company, Tigo Helps Remittances Go Mobile, April 2012)

  • If we replace Facebook, with say “the next conference you host” or the next website you build, what does this mean for how we design?

    The biggest thing that’s different is that Facebook is not about human-computer interaction,” says Cox. Most designers in the computer industry have focused on helping humans interact with machines. But Facebook is about human-to-human interaction. “We don’t want people to remember their interactions with Facebook,” says director of design Kate Aronowitz. “We want them to remember their interactions with their friends and family.”

    (Via Fast Company, Thank Facebook’s Design Team For Every Warm And Fuzzy Moment You’ve Ever Had On The Social Network, April 2012)

  • My goal?

    “How many times in your career have you been told, ‘Go create your own team, your own plant, your own process—from scratch?’ How many times in your career do you get to do that?”

    (Via Fast Company, Why Tesla Motors Is Betting On The Model S, April 2012)