Tuesday Tip: YouTube Parameters

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The first tip is how to Force YouTube embedded player video quality. Too bad the suggestions from this article on StackOverflow, “Force youtube embed to start in 720p” didn’t work in WordPress.org’s JetPack plugin shortcodes.

But you can try:

  • &hd=1to the video URL. That forces the video to start in the highest resolution available for the video.”.
  • &vq=hd720 or &vq=hd1080 did the trick where all else failed”.

This next tip delves into more about playing back a YouTube video from a specific point in time.

Two parameters work with the AS3 (Flash-first) player, &start=ss and &end=ss, which allows starting and ending from particular points in time with values given in seconds, ss. That’s not as interesting to me, since I’m trying to move exclusively to the HTML player.

One parameter works with the HTML5 and AS3 player is ?t=NmNNs, which allows playback to start from a particular point in time with values given in minutes and seconds, NmNNs

Two sources: