Random Musings

Here are some random musings that I probably should write about some day…

One of the things I find challenging is doing the writing! My writing process usually involves me thinking about what I’m going to write, long before I start writing. When I’m ready (or a deadline’s fast approaching) I spew out everything I can think of. I then spend quite a bit of time reorganizing and refining.

As an aside, I consider myself a much better editor than writer. I find it fairly easy to take a paper, article, proposal, whatever written by someone else and to help refine it.

Project Ideas:

  • “Plagarism is Good”: Using plagarism detection to track the spread of open educational resources and open content
  • How to disseminate educational innovations

Paper/Article Ideas:

  • Presentation Manifesto…-or-…The audience is listening
  • My goal? Your goal? What’s the point?
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Pick Me!…A guide to writing a grant proposal
  • Field of dreams…we built it, but they’re not coming…
  • What went wrong…
  • Go to the users…and don’t reinvent the wheel!
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…Learning technology standards -or- metadata
  • Communication…doesn’t require you to be face to face…