Welcome to my new website/blog!

I’ve been working on this for well over a year now…impressive, isn’t it? (Don’t answer that question!)

I’ve had a website with details on what I’ve done professionally since 1995 (you can see some of the past iterations from my time at Berkeley and when I got my own domain at mura.org).

In 2007 I decided I should enter the 21st century and convert my website over to a blog.

And so, after working on this off and on (well, mostly off) in 2008, I finally got serious the last week in December. This is actually my second post, the first one is super-secret and a take off on the default WordPress post—but it’s a bit geeky even for me to put up.

What are my plans for this site? Well it’ll still primarily be my calling card on the Web—detailing my curriculum vitae, publications and projects on which I’ve worked. I hope to also have the time to periodically write about topics of interest in my professional and personal life—that would be the “blog” part of this site. :) And, I’ve got tons of photos I’ve taken in my travels since 1997 that I really should get around to sharing–I hope to do that through this site as well.

I’m sure it will take me a bit of time to find my “voice” through this new site. But to start, I just recreated what I have previously. Welcome!